Selected FSLGRA Books for October 2020

Our apologies for the delay. We're a bit late in getting the most recent information published on our site about this third annual French as a Second Language Global Read Aloud. Registered participants were notified via email back at the end of May and Twitter remains a major method of communication for us, so hopefully most teachers got the information they needed that way. We're both full-time teachers too, managing ongoing education of our students through this pandemic, in addition to the many other roles we play.

We recognize that it's important to try to keep the information all in one place, so without further ado...

Here are the three selected picture books for the youngest set of our participants.
(As always, teachers of any level/grade of French as a second language or additional language may decide to use whichever set of books or either selected novel, as they believe will best suit their students' needs! So middle school and high school teachers are also completely invited to use the picture books of course!)

 Here are the three winning picture books for the slightly more advanced readers of #FSLGRA.
And finally, for our top two tiers, here are the novels selected for extended study over the six week period. These might be most suitable for immersion students, or students in high school, just due to the volume and complexity of the texts, but again, each teaching professional isbest able to judge their own students' needs, abilities, and interests. 

Download a PDF with all of the books (all four levels) for October 2020 if you like for easy ordering or to help inform your colleagues and French teaching friends near or far about the #FSLGRA.

As always, a publicly accessible Google Sheets file will be available on this website, from the "Resources" page for anyinterested teachers to add free resources and potentially connected activities for all to use as part of this collaborative project. Please respect copyright and also only suggest freely shared resources. We encourage participants to consider sharing a lesson that they've developed themselves.

When do we begin?

October 19, 2020 is our official start date this coming fall. Remember that you are free to do what best suits your situation - start a little early, extend longer, or whatever you need to do. We hope to have a good variety of participants both across Canada (where we physically are located) and beyond to participate in a truly interactive, collaborative, global learning experience for all of our French students!
One final note: The books selected for this year were all available to order from one or more online retailers when we included them in the short-list of nominees and subsequent selection (based primarily on teacher votes) for the fall FSLGRA. However, distribution of French books is not always as robust and streamlined as one's experience with English books might be, so please figure out early how you will access the novel or picture books that you intend to use with your learners, to avoid potential disappointment. 

À la prochaine!


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