Cycle Intermédiaire et Secondaire Reading schedule/L'horaire de la lecture

 The official reading schedule for cycles Intermédiaire and Secondaire is now available. L'horaire de la lecture officiel est maintenant disponible.   Intermédiaire- Enterrer la lune 18 oct: Au champ de la Honte à Arrêter le temps (pg 35) 25 oct: L’étranger qui sourit avec les yeux à Le silence fait mal (pgs 36-63) 1 nov: Sous la botte de foin… à Noeud papillon dans l’arbre (pgs 64-86) 8 nov: Pour Rajini à Lune ami (pgs 87-115) 15 nov: Le manque de toilettes dans le monde (pgs 116-119) 22 nov: Activités après la lecture/ Post reading activities Secondaire- Un parfum de fausses nouvelles 18 oct: Chapitres 1-3 25 oct: Chapitres 4-7 1 nov: Chapitres 8-10 8 nov: Chapitres 11-13 15 nov: Chapitres 14-17 22 nov: Activités après la lecture/Post reading activities

FSLGRA annonce les livres de 2021-22

Les livres et albums choisis pour notre quatrième année du #FSLGRA est disponible ici dans un fichier PDF . Nous voulons remercier tout le monde qui a suggéré une option et aussi aux ceux et celles qui ont pris le temps de voter! N'oubliez pas de vous enregister de nouveau afin de continuer de recevoir les messages et rappels de notre part. L'inititiative collaborative recommence officiellement avec nos élèves le 18 octobre, 2021. L'horaire proposé pour les romans du Cycle Intermédiaire et le Cycle Secondaire sera partagé dans l'automne. Le fichier où vous pouvez commencer à partager vos créations personnelles et vos trouvailles non-commerciaux et gratuits de 2021-22 seront aussi bientôt disponible ici . 

Announcing the 2021 FSLGRA books

The final book list for our fourth season of FSLGRA is now available. Please see the PDF below! Thank you to everyone who voted. Remember to register  to receive updates and reminders leading up to October 18, 2021. The chapter reading schedule will be shared for the Cycle Intermédiaire and the Cycle Secondaire closer to the start in the fall. The Resources sharing file will also soon be posted on the corresponding page of our site.     

VOTE for 2021 FSLGRA books/ Le vote pour les livres du FSLGRA 2021

 Welcome, The list of nominees for this year's FSL Global Read Aloud is now available. Thank you to everyone who suggested a book! You can find this year's list under the tab VOTE along with the link to the voting form. Voting will remain open until June 14, 2021 after which we will announce the winners for each category here and on social media! Happy Voting! Bienvenue, La liste de nominés pour la version 2021 de FSL Global Read Aloud est prête. Merci à tous ceux qui ont suggéré un livre Vous pouvez trouver la liste sous l'onglet VOTE avec le formulaire pour voter. Le vote finira le 14 juin, 2021. Après la fermeture du vote, nous annoncerons les gagnants pour chaque catégorie ici et sur les médias sociaux!

Book Nominations Now Open for Fall 2021

What a strange and stressful school year 2020-21 has been! We know that the FSL Global Read Aloud has definitely looked a little different this year, and we of course don't know yet what the future holds, but we do have permission to continue in a form that works. Stay tuned for another post with some suggestions for making it work during a pandemic or while continuing blended or virtual teaching. In fact, why not submit your ideas here, if you'd like them included in that post ? We will credit you, of course! The form to nominate books - at any level that will be appropriate for our FSL readers - is now open for your suggestions for a voting shortlist to be shared in May - with final book selections to be finalized then as well, to hopefully allow for school purchasing of at least one copy (i.e. for your library or shared book room) before school is out for the summer - or as soon as you're back for those on a different schedule than we are! French teachers from kindergar

One Month to go!

The countdown is on! In exactly one month the third annual French as a Second Language Global Read Aloud begins! We hope you are as excited about this as we are!  This year probably looks different for many of us. Our September start-ups probably weren't as smooth as they normally are... It certainly wasn't for me here in Ontario. Two weeks into the year and I now have a new assignment: teaching Core French partially online and partially in-person. I hope that you are able to find ways to participate this year whatever your current situation is. Remember that you can connect with other educators in our facebook group, as well as through the social media hashtags. More about that below! Our reading period for all of the levels starts October 19, 2020 and goes until November 27, 2020. This is when the most people participate and when you will be able to make the most connections with other schools. However, start reading when it suits you and your class, and feel free to establi

Cycles Intermédiaire & Secondaire Reading Schedule

 Bonjour! For our colleagues reading L'enfant allergique aux écrans (Cycle Intermédiaire) or J'avais tout prévu sauf les bélugas (Cycle Secondaire) please refer to the following suggested reading schedule. Pour nos collègues qui liront "L'enfant allergique aux écrans" (Cycle Intermédiaire) ou "J'avais tout prévu sauf les bélugas" (Cycle Secondaire), veuillez faire référence à l'horaire proposé ci-dessous. L'enfant allergique aux écrans (Cycle Intermédiaire) Week of October 19: Pre-reading activities & pages 1-17 Week of October 26: Pages 18-31 Week of November 2: Pages 32-45 Week of November 9: Pages 46-59 Week of November 16: Pages 60-End Week of November 23: Post-reading activities J'avais tout prévu sauf les bélugas (Cycle Secondaire) Week of October 19: Chapters 1-2 Week of October 26: Chapters 3-5 Week of November 2: Chapters 6-10 Week of November 9: Chapters 11-14 Week of November 16: Chapters 1-17 (End) Week of November 23: Pos